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Glass Manufacturing Industry

Schunk offers a wide range of materials and components for high temperature applications and heat technology: You can rely on Schunk to supply components in the field of high temperature applications, whether in the glass industry, furnace construction or the manufacture of carbides, ceramics or sintered metal components. We also develop and produce carbon fiber, graphite and ceramic components for welding and soldering applications, metallurgical processes and waste recycling plants.

Take-out Tongs

Floating System
Holder and insert as a floating system. The insert is flexibly mounted and can therefore compensate for tolerances in the process cycle.

Quick Change
Standard holder for quick replacement of graphite gripper inserts, available as an open or closed holder in sizes from 2” to 5 5/8”.


Take-out Inserts

Floating System
For fast and secure gripping even at fast throughput speeds. 

Quick Change
Suitable for quick change holders, available in sizes from 2” to 5 5/8” and in standard thicknesses of 6.35, 8, 9.5 and 12.7 mm. 

Material recommendation: 
FE479 for lip grippers and short running times;
FE879 for thread and twist.



Loading Bars

CFC triangular inserts have proven very successful. Due to the high temperatures in this area, we recommend our Q impregnation, which protects the components against oxidation, extending their lifespan. 
CFC raw material is available in 450 x 450 x 6.35, 8, 9.5 and 12.7 mm sizes for customers to process themselves. 
We also supply standard triangular inserts made from isostatic pressed graphite to allow flexible adjustment to each bottle diameter.

Pusher Fingers and Deflector Pads

We manufacture graphite or CFC plates or rollers to your 
specifications to safely guide hollow glass products into the deflector 
unit. CFC raw material is available in 450 x 450 x 6.35, 
8, 9.5 and 12.7 mm sizes for customers to process 

Carbon Vanes for Pumps