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Welcome to the Schunk Carbon Technology website and online store.

Schunk is a global leader in carbon products, providing technologies to companies in industries all over the world. We are a world leader in innovation and design across all of our fields, yet we still strive to provide our customers with improved technology and service. ­­­Schunk Carbon Technology supplies and manufactures carbon brushes, current collection strips, brush holders, insulators, contacts and other associated products for the power transmission in industries across Australia and New Zealand. Schunk Carbon Technology is persistently evolving, we strive to provide new products, services and technologies to ensure the best possible service for our customers.

Schunk Carbon Technology also provides technologies for the Glass manufacturing industry. Specialising in high-temperature resistant carbon-based products, Schunk provides products such as take-out tongs, sweep-out pads, holders and much more.

Please click on the pictures below to find out more information about each application. For more information about any of our products, or other applications, please contact us directly.

Railway Applications         

Schunk has been developing and manufacturing products for railway and tramway applications for more than 90 years. Schunk Carbon Technology provides much of Australia and New Zealand with products such as Carbon Current Collector Strips, Carbon Brushes, Axle Earthing Assemblies, Brush Holders, Contacts and much more.        

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Industrial Motor Applications

With around 100 years of experience in power transmission, Schunk is always looking for new solutions and developments. Schunk Carbon Technology provides vast quantities of Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders, Current Collectors and other products to industries all over Australia. We consistently provide our customers with quick and reliable turn-around times - ensuring they are able to have their machines up and running as quickly as possible.

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Small Motor Applications  

You can rely on Schunk to supply carbon brushes, brush holders, vacuum motors, plugs, sockets, switches, circuit breakers, leads, grommets and commutator cleaning products. Schunk Carbon Technology supply Australia's leading businesses with high quality small motor technology products. We provide fast and reliable turn-around and stock a large variety of products to ensure all of our customers are provided with what they need, when they need it.

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Mechanical Carbon            

Worldwide, Schunk is known for producing the highest quality carbon based products. We provide industries with products produced from graphite, carbon-fibre and metal-based materials, tested and proven to withstand heat, pressure and time. Our mechanical products are provided worldwide to companies that know and trust the Schunk brand. Schunk Carbon Technology currently provides products such as Carbon Vanes, Carbon Seals and products for the glass industry.

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Schunk Carbon Technology