About Us

Schunk is a globally-active, technology group - comprising largely of independent individual companies. Today we are active in the core markets of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation technology and climate technology, sintered metal technology and ultrasonic welding technology. The Schunk Group is highly regarded for their innovation and design in these fields. With over 100 years of experience, the Schunk brand is known and trusted worldwide.


The principal activity of Schunk Carbon Technology Pty. Ltd. is specialsing in the manufacture of carbon brushes and carbon current collector strips. However, Schunk Carbon Technology also supplies many other related products, including brush holder & axle earthing assemblies, compression moulded products, contacts and much more. Schunk Carbon Technology also provides mechanical products for the glass industry and for pump applications.


Schunk Carbon Technology prides itself on our ability to quickly and effectively produce products for all of our customers. Our industry experience management understands the need for fast and reliable service.

Schunk Carbon Technology - German Quality, Local Experience, Personal Service.