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Carbon Brushes

Renowned for their long lifespan, Schunk carbon brushes also feature good electrical and thermal conductivity. Using custom materials, Schunk is able to meet a wide range of specific customer requirements and guarantee optimum power transmission under all operating condition. It is for this reason, that Schunk are a trusted partner and original manufacturer (OEM) for most large motor manufacturers.

Auxiliary Items

For General repair purposes, Schunk Carbon Technology Pty. Ltd. provies a selection of products applicable for most small electrical applications. We provide many small business around Australia with leads, plugs, sockets, vacuum motors, switches, circuit breakers and much more. We stock top quality items to suit most applications.

Vacuum Motors


Plugs, Sockets, Switches, Circuit Breakers and Grommets


Maintenance Items

Our motor and generator maintenance materials will help maintain your machines prime running condition. Proper maintenance of brushed machines is vital towards protecting the reliablility and longevity of your important equipment. We provide products such as commutator chalk, grinding stones, abrasive rubber and undercutting tools. We also supply a variety of holders to assist with use of these products.