Railway Applications

>>Current Collector Strips

>>Brush Holders & Rockers

>>Axle Earthing Assemblies


>>Compression Moulded Products

>>Carbon Brushes

Current Collector Strips

Schunk produces lead-free carbon current collector strips using the time proven clamp, solder and bonding techniques. All collector strips are characterized by their high degree of operational reliability. As well as reliable current collection under extreme environmental conditions - Schunk collector strips provide outstanding temperature resistance, stable performance throughout the usable lifetime, resilience to corrosion and can be manufactured to suit any specific application to include features such as an Automatic Dropping Device (ADD). Our Melbourne office holds a large range of stock of carbon strips for most local rail and tramway pantographs.


Brush Holders & Rockers

Schunk has developed several hundred brush holder and rocker designs for use in electric motors. Schunk is one of the few suppliers worldwide, that can supply or manufacture almost all types of holders.

Axle Earthing Assemblies

Schunk produces earthing assemblies for a wide range of heavy rail, light rail and tramway applications around the world. Through innovation and state of the art design, Schunk provides assemblies that allow engineers access to the brushes, allowing for brush replacement and therefore saving time and money on disassesmbling. We can also retrofit newer simpler designs to pre-existing fleets.


For industrial power transmission, Schunk manufactures switching and interrupter contacts and accessories for medium and high-power contactors and electrical switches used at low, medium and high voltages. These components are produced according to individual customer specifications.

Compression Moulded Products

Schunk (Aust.) currently provides many types of compression moulded components. A huge variety of shapes and sizes can be produced to suit most applications. We specialize in high volume components such as arc chutes, standoff insulators, specialist terminal blocks, insulated posts and much more.

Carbon Brushes

Renowned for their long lifespan, Schunk carbon brushes also feature good electrical and thermal conductivity. Using custom materials, Schunk is able to meet a wide range of specific customer requirements and guarantee optimum power transmission under all operating condition. It is for this reason, that Schunk are a trusted partner and original manufacturer (OEM) for most large motor manufacturers.